Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Leaving the forgotten

You sit there
in that sterile room
and they are all

All dead
behind the eyes.

Like their heart beats
to preserve
skin and bone.

Nothing else.

And they move
from the chair
to the bed
to the scales.
Walking shells.

There is nothing

There is nothing there
because they want to
fade out.
Carcasses who wait.

Like carcasses who
in the hope
that one glorious day
someone will be able to
life back into
what little remains.

But they are
behind the eyes.

 And life is so far out.
Their life is too far out.

Whilst the robot in their mind
repeats their mantra;
you are not ill
you are not worthy.

And reason dictates
the only way to cure this is to
eat less.
Shrinking bodies
keep the decaying mind
until sanity
can be placed neatly away.
Pushed so far back.
And you
can sit for hours
in that room.

Repeating empty words
into deaf ears.

There is no light.

Merely nods of
or agreement
designed purely to pacify.

For she is master
in her own universe
where you are not invited
to play.

And you walk quietly away.

Knowing each step
takes you
no further than she has
already gone.

Then a tear.

For the girls
the girl in that room.

at the loss of a soul
you once knew lived and breathed
alight with possibilities
carved into a shadow.

And she is dead.

Behind the eyes.

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