Thursday, 2 May 2013

A garden and a library

Standing on the edge of the world

The view from here
Illuminating your chosen path
As it meanders
Then turns in a moment
To race full pelt towards


To where we cannot follow,
Dare not.

Not because we have loved you less
But if we go
Step along your footprints
Then who would be here
To shout your name
Remind the world
That no matter what it cares to throw
In our directions
Kindness matters
And implants itself like a seed
To grow strong around our hearts
So that
In times of drought
There will be new shoots ready to
Take the place
Of everything which dies away.

You put that there
Cultivated us
And we grew bold

And learnt how to garden.

Your path will wait

And when the days grow short
Then we will follow.

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