Friday, 13 December 2013

Two sides of the same

I have hated you from the moment you entered my life,
Fought, tooth and nail, to keep your thoughts at bay,
Imprisoned you when all you could do was plead for mercy
And buried you far beneath my consciousness,
Never to speak your name.

And yet,
We end up here, in this place, with you stood at my side.
My right hand man.
My right hand shadow.
Casting anarchy into the mix,
Questioning every choice that I have ever made
Then leaving me to pick up the pieces when it all goes to hell.

And we have gone to hell, you and I,
Or reward?
Take your pick
Because on some days they don’t seem that far apart
But I feel you are exactly, precisely, where you planned to be,
As I pretend that I can lead.

I have loved you from the moment you entered my life.

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