Saturday, 8 February 2014

Standing at the gates

I came,
Screaming as monsters
And demons
And all things hideous
Gathered at my back.

At my heels.


Chewing down on flesh.
Upon flesh.
Upon flesh.
Upon bone or skin.
Upon life as we have known it.
Knew it.
Seen it.

Inhaling such a fine stench
Of blood;
Or weeping
It was hard to tell.

Where they failed to care.

I wanted to,
Thought that I should,
But terror prevailed too the extend
That I,
This wreak,
A creature of frailty
And error,
An abomination,
Sailed past the gates
Opened to afford me safety
Straight into the arms of the devil herself.

And there,

Until all that was reflected
Was the image
She had so meticulously sculpted.

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